Temco Air Environmental Projects Utilizing the Gas Fired Heat Pumps Distributed from Intellichoice Energy

  1. Fort Huachuca Bldg 22216 (Contracting Office – 2 Story Historical Bldg Retrofit)
  2. Fort Huachuca Bldg 91112 (Drone Training Site and Hanger Facility-Retrofit)
  3. Fort Huachuca Greeley Hall (VTC Commanders Head Quarters-Retrofit)
  4. Davis Monthan AFB (DOD Demonstration Projects Since 2003-PGHP)
  5. The New Armory Building (7 Story Care Facility coupled with Solar- LEED Gold, New Construction)
  6. Marcos De Niza High School (Learning Laboratory – Teacher Lounge)
  7. Southwest Gas Corp. Building, Casa Grande (Utility Building Retrofit Installation)

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