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Would you buy a new car and never bother to change the oil?

Of course not! You want to protect your investment and you know regular maintenance will not only extend the life of your car, it will ensure you get the best gas mileage possible. Your air conditioning system requires routine maintenance for the exact same reasons; protecting your investment, extending the lifespan of your equipment, and ensuring the lowest possible energy bills!

Research continues to show routine maintenance on heating and cooling equipment ensures system efficiency (lowest energy bills), and prolongs the life of the equipment. But don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few of the most recent studies as reported in “Contracting Business” magazine:

“Studies found that an air conditioning tune-up saved an average of $32.76/month in air conditioning costs while increasing the capacity of the system. The study was repeated a year later on the same homes to find out if tune-ups were actually needed every year. The savings the second year was $24/month in air conditioning cost.”
– Gulf States Power & Louisiana Engineering Extension

“As little as 0.042 inches of dirt on an air conditioning coil can reduce its efficiency by 21%.”
– EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

”The pressure drop across an indoor coil doubles in four to seven years without proper maintenance, resulting in an 82% degradation of performance.”
– Honeywell

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