Junk Mail…. getting pecked to death by a duck!

Cathy Rankin here, owner of Temco Air. Just returned from my mailbox with yet another huge pile of JUNK MAIL. Are you as irritated by JUNK MAIL as I am? Honestly, 85% of my mail goes into the recycle bin! It's like getting pecked to death by a duck!  I have utilized every “do not mail” program to stop the catelogs, special just-for-me offers, etc and the JUNK MAIL continues. I may not be able to control the amount of JUNK MAIL I receive but there is one thing I can do…. and here it is

I can ensure TEMCO AIR adheres to the Golden Rule when it comes to JUNK MAIL. We don’t like receiving it, so we don’t send it. Simple as that. For over 10 years Temco has upheld our NO JUNK MAIL philosophy. JUNK MAIL (direct mail, bulk mail…. whatever you call those pesky ads that are mailed to hundreds of thousands of households with hopes that 1% of the recipients will respond to the offer…) wastes paper, postage, and other resources. Temco prefers to spend our resources on providing superior customer service, which results in happy customers who cannot resist telling others about us. That’s marketing the old fashioned way. That’s the Golden Rule. Don’t need postage for THAT, eh?

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