GHP Merits

Economical Merits:

  • Peak power reduction averaged between 90 – 94% (summer & winter)
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Lower  installation cost (compared to upgrading existing equipment)
  • NextAire™ 15 Ton GHP is powered on 1 Phase, 208 – 230V, 20 Amp Circuit
  • Space Savings – smaller foot print then conventional equipment per ton
  • Gives back up to 70% of the HVAC electrical infrastructure on retrofits and reduces up to 70% of the new HVAC electrical infrastructure on new construction
  • Structural Savings- fewer penetrations and equipment

Engineering Merits:

  • Waste Heat Recovery: recommend augmentation, not primary thermal load
  • No need for back up heat down to 14 degrees
  • Design approach temperatures at 110 degrees and not 95 degrees
  • Designed for high and low temperatures…operating band from 14 degrees – 125 degrees
  • Up to 150 diversity depending on application
  • Built for purpose components, not converted like the technology in the past
  • Solar applications require less than 2 KW for 20 tons of heating and cooling when a Gas Fired Heat pump is applied…less solar panels and real estate needed with a much better payback
  • Sophisticated 2 wire control system  installed by mechanical contractor, operate your system from anywhere in the world

Environmental Merits:

  • Lower emissions
  • Save primary energy
  • Smaller carbon foot print
  • Ozone friendly…R 410A Refrigerant
  • Water savings
  • Structural Savings

 Functional Merits:

  • Reliable- 3 decades of engineering
  • Application specific- custom designs
  • Long system life and maintenance intervals- periodic maintenance is included
  • Gas line external to the building- safer
  • Space Savings
  • 58 db, very quiet