Community Involvement

Giving Back to the Community

Marshall and Cathy have long histories of service to the Tucson community. They feel strongly in giving back to the community; that one gets back tenfold what one gives. It gives us all perspective and reinforces our gratitude.

Temco offers our customers opportunities to give back, too

Temco Air customers know the money that would have been spent sending them holiday cards is used to adopt local families from Our Family Services for the holidays. We share photos in our newsletters of the gift boxes donated on behalf of our customers.

Focus on Shopping Locally

As a company, and individually, we support local Tucson businesses. We recognize and publicize local companies with exceptional products and customer service. We are proud to be a member of the

Focus on the Environment

Temco adheres to the strict EPA guidelines for handling CFC refrigerants. We sell new equipment that use environmentally friendly refrigerants.

We also adhere to the Golden Rule when it comes to JUNK MAIL. We don’t like receiving it, so we don’t send it. Simple as that. For over 10 years. Temco has upheld their NO JUNK MAIL philosophy.  JUNK MAIL (direct mail, bulk mail…. whatever you call those pesky ads that are mailed to hundreds of thousands of households with hopes that 1% of the recipients will respond to the offer…) wastes paper, postage, and other resources. Temco prefers to spend their resources on providing superior customer service, which results in happy customers who cannot resist telling others about us. That’s marketing the old fashioned way. That’s the Golden Rule. Don’t need postage for THAT, eh?