Award Winning Customer Service

‘Customer Comes First’ is more than just a slogan!

Arizona Daily Star: Opinion by Richard Ducote:

Scores of purple cards nearly cover a wall in the back room at Temco Air Environmental. The cards keep score from previous customer encounters. Service techs leave cards with every customer in the field. Temco owners Marshall Dennington and Cathy Rankin don’t just accept feedback from customers, they hunt it down. If cards don’t come back, the customer gets a call: “Was everything satisfactory?”

Business Award

Building A Better Business Award

Inside Tucson Business

It’s not a new concept,” say Temco Air Environmental’s Marshall Dennington and Cathy Rankin when explaining their philosophy of customer service. Simply, it’s “do what we said we would do, when we said we would do it, for the price we committed…in every case all the time.

Temco Air Wins Business Ethics Award

Being recognized for our ethical business practices means even more to our team in this troubling economy. When we first learned we were nominated for a Business Ethics Award, we thought “What a shame we have to give an award for ethics, shouldn’t that be the norm, the baseline for all businesses?” But with the Wall Street financial crises, failing trust in our government, and the simple realization that we can’t even trust the peanut butter we buy for our children, a focus on ethics might be in order. It takes everyone on the team following the Golden Rule to continue to earn our stellar reputation. Everyone at Temco Air is extremely proud of this recognition. We are also very excited to learn that our company has now been entered into the National BBB Torch Awards competition. Keep your fingers crossed!

“Succeeding in business is simple.” says Marshall Dennington, co-owner of Temco Air. ” Do what we said we would do, when we said we would do it, at the price we committed; in every case, all the time. Sometimes this costs the company money, but our reputation cannot be compromised. We will deliver what we promise and we will not try to sell our customers something they don’t need or that does not fit within their budget. We built this trust over the years, one customer relationship at a time.”