ABC’s of Success

Attitude is everything.
Body language speaks louder than words.
Concentrate on your successes.
Doubt will destroy you.
Enthusiasm is contagious.
Focus on the future instead of the past.
Goals will help you achieve more.
Honesty is always the best policy.
Interest in your customer will build long-term relationships.
Just accept the occasional bad day as a part of life.
Keep focused on your objectives.
Listen more than you speak.
Make yourself invaluable to your customer.
Never stop learning.
Opportunities exist everywhere if you keep your eyes open.
Proper planning will help keep you on track.
Quality questions will provide you with appropriate solutions.
Realize that you have the ability to accomplish what you want.
Selling is an honorable profession.
Truth wins out every time.
Utilize all the tools available to you.
Value everyone you come into contact with.
Work the telephone to its full potential.
eXercise your mind and your body.
You must sell yourself before you sell the product.
Zest for life makes a difference.