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Customer Satisfaction: There is a Company That Walks the Talk!

Marshall & Cathy In 1996, Marshall Dennington founded Air Environmental, and then in February of 1998, Air Environmental bought Temco Air, which has been in business for 20+ years in Tucson. The companies were combined into one, Temco Air Environmental.

Temco Air Environmental is setting a new standard for customer satisfaction in the industry. Over 80% of their new customers come to them through referrals from their current customers. They survey their customers after each visit to ensure they have a finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction, and we take the survey feedback very seriously. They have made several changes to their business process as a direct result of the feedback.

Temco Air Environmental provides a myriad of services, including sales, service and installation of all types of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and indoor air quality for both residential and commercial applications. The company’s efforts to stay current with technological advancements, such as in-floor radiant heat and high velocity duct systems have opened doors for many special projects over the years.

If you look in the local yellow pages under Air Conditioning Contractors, you will find over 15 half-page ads, all promising the same thing: Customer Satisfaction. Then why is the term Customer Satisfaction in the heating and cooling industry considered an oxymoron?

You may have seen the Temco Air Environmental team on the PBS television show, “This Old House” as they provided the mechanical systems, including the ammonia-based gas-fired chillers for the 1930’s Pueblo Revival restoration project in Tucson. They also installed a unique heating and cooling system in a ranch house in Patagonia, built in 1892 by Butler Sorrells, a prominent rancher. Temco Air Environmental especially enjoys working on homes in our local historical district of Fourth Avenue.

When Tucson summers turn into triple-digit temperatures and something goes wrong with your cooling system, at Temco Air Environmental you won’t get the typical, “We’ll send someone in a couple of days.” This is not comforting when the temperature is 110 degrees!” Our air conditioning repair in Tucson is meant to be responsive so you won’t have to wait for days.

Comfort Club members receive priority response for service, as well as a 15% discount on all repairs. Now that’s comforting! Temco Air Environmental has even gone so far as to purchase portable air conditioning units to lend to customers on those rare occasions when ordering specialty parts could delay the repairs.

All one needs to do to see the exceptional level of service is to listen to the numerous testimonials from satisfied customers.

Top 100 Reasons to Shop Temco for all of your heating, air conditioning, and Custom Wine Rooms needs!

IntelliChoice Energy leverages joint solar project to reduce electrical costs for senior citizens

Tucson income-restricted senior citizens will now realize significant cost savings on their monthly utility bills thanks to an innovative project by IntelliChoice Energy (ICE), a leader in green solutions for heating and cooling. The joint solar project at the Armory building in Tucson features both solar panels and the NextAire™ 8 and 15-ton Gas-Fired Heat Pump (GHP) units. The combination of solar electricity production and the NextAire™ Multi-Zone GHPs will help capture a 70 percent reduction in the building’s electrical load.

“Our work with IntelliChoice Energy brought an innovative solution to a problem caused by a lack of space needed to support the number of solar-voltaic panels necessary to achieve a 70 percent reduction in electrical load. Now, with our partner, IntelliChoice Energy, this project will benefit from solar rebates,” said Marshall Dennington, President and Owner of Temco, a Tucson-based company.

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“Temco continues to meet or surpass all expectation – Keep it up!”
Robert C. Burch

“Whenever I phone your office not only do I get to talk with a “real person”, I am greeted with a pleasant tone of voice. Your dispatcher is very courteous, respectful, and helpful.”
Betty Lou Mosher