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Don’t Miss the 12th Annual Boys and Girls Clubs Event in Tucson at LaEncantada

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

T h e B e s t B i t e s ! T h e B e s t T u n e s ! T h e B e s t L i b a t i o n s ! T h e B e s t E v e n t !
Proceeds from THE EVENT support the 8,000 youth club members served annually by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson.

Purchase your tickets by clicking below. Be sure to enter Jon Rankin’s name as your Board Solicitor. See you at the event on April 14th, 2013.
The Event 2013 – Ticket Form

Join us for the Holiday Open House at the CRIZMAC Marketplace & Gallery

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Holiday Open House at the CRIZMAC Marketplace and Gallery

Join us for a party to welcome the holiday season! Enjoy seeing work by local artists and a demonstration by Oaxacan woodcarver, Agustin Cruz Tinoco. We invite you to view the art and start your holiday shopping!
Join the Party at CRIZMAC … Where Art Hangs Out!

Friday Reception:
November 30, 2012 5:00 to 8:30pm.

The Show Continues:
Sat. Dec. 1 and Sun. Dec. 2
10:00am. – 5:00pm.
A portion of the proceeds of the sale will benefit the Tucson Community Foodbank.

The CRIZMAC Marketplace is located at 1642 N. Alvernon Way, Tucson (East side of Alvernon, just south of Pima)

Temco Air Needs Your Help in Spreading Holiday Cheer in Tucson

Friday, November 16th, 2012


Purchase new toys or gifts for children from birth to age 18, or house wares for formerly homeless young people and families. You can drop your items in the collection boxes at Temco Air Environmental, 3136 E Grant Rd. open Monday through Friday 8 -4. Our Family Services will add these items to their Holiday Gift Tree Store and let their clients shop for the items they and their families need.

If you have any questions call our office at (520)622-2909 Mon – Fri 8am to 4pm

Happy holidays to you and yours from your entire Temco Air Team



“Our Family Services provides shelter and support to homeless children, youth and families. We promote peace and understanding by helping people talk to each other. We help some ofTucson’s highest-risk children learn to read. We help troubled families cope with addiction and find healing. We help people learn to be better parents, improve their lives and their relationships, and build stronger families. We help older and disabled people live safely and with dignity in their own homes.”

For more information about Our Family Services, click here

The Event

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Green Project Creates Cost Savings for Armory Building

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

IntelliChoice Energy leverages joint solar project to reduce electrical costs for senior citizens
Tucson, Arizona – Tucson income-restricted senior citizens will now realize significant cost savings on their monthly utility bills thanks to an innovative project by IntelliChoice Energy (ICE), a leader in green solutions for heating and cooling. The joint solar project at the Armory building in Tucson features both solar panels and the NextAire™ 8 and 15-ton Gas-Fired Heat Pump (GHP) units. The combination of solar electricity production and the NextAire™ Multi-Zone GHPs will help capture a 70 percent reduction in the building’s electrical load.

“Our work with IntelliChoice Energy brought an innovative solution to a problem caused by a lack of space needed to support the number of solar-voltaic panels necessary to achieve a 70 percent reduction in electrical load. Now, with our partner, IntelliChoice Energy, this project will benefit from solar rebates,” said Marshall Dennington, President and Owner of Temco, a Tucson-based company.

According to project managers, by installing 70 tons of heating and cooling provided by the NextAire™ GHPs, the Armory building will benefit from a 90 percent Peak Power demand reduction and an estimated savings of nearly a half million gallons of water, which will result in a smaller carbon footprint.Additionally, the NextAire™ 8 and 15-ton Multi-Zone GHPs use natural gas—a domestic resource. The units are successfully operating across the Southern United States in schools, government buildings and commercial buildings of all sizes.

“This exciting venture, a combination of solar and our NextAire™ product line, is exactly the kind of project that will support any commercial construction effort to achieve a high LEED Rating,” said Tom Young, Chief Technology Officer and Company Founder.

Armory Building Facts:

The ICE NextAire. Product line will help the Armory building to achieve:

80 percent less electricity usageo

Average of 90 percent

Peak Power Demand reduction

Estimated 80 percent amperage reduction

Reduction in noise pollution

Improvement of indoor environmental quality

Efficiency in water usageo

Estimated 476,000 gallons of water saved per year

Optimization of energy performance

NextAire General Facts:

The NextAire. Gas-Fired Heat Pump product line was specially engineered to be environmentally friendly while providing a new benchmark of efficiency excellence in heating and cooling. Its primary fuel source is clean, plentiful, natural gas and uses only a minimal amount of electricity. Through the use of NextAire. products, energy efficiency is boosted in the following ways:

When it's time for cooling, the intelligent system varies engine speed to provide exactly the right amount of refrigerant to perfectly condition the space, reducing energy consumption.

Multi-zone units circulate and condition air allowing for varying temperatures in different rooms, which conserves additional energy.

70% of the original source energy is lost when an electric HVAC system delivers air to buildings. Since the NextAire. Multi-zone GHP uses 80% less electricity than traditional electric HVAC systems; they greatly reduce a building's demand for electricity and reduces its carbon foot print.

Generating electricity at the power plant consumes large amounts of water. On average, 2 gallons of water is used for every kWh (kilowatt hour) produced at a power plant. Since NextAire. uses limited electricity; on average, it can save 68,000 gallons of water every year compared to a similar sized Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning unit.

When compared to standard electric units, noise pollution is reduced when using a NextAire. GHP. Raindrops are measured at 40 decibels and normal conversation at 60. Typical electrical HVAC condensers measure over 75 decibels. NextAire. GHPs register at less than 57 decibels, which is the same in decibels as a normal conversation.

The NextAire. PGHP is environmentally friendly as well. It saves energy, water and leaves a small carbon footprint like the NextAire Multi-zone GHPs do. Natural gas burns cleaner and is better than coal or oil, which is used often to generate electricity. Natural gas, a resource with plentiful supply in the U.S. also limits our reliance on foreign oil products.


Junk Mail…. getting pecked to death by a duck!

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Cathy Rankin here, owner of Temco Air. Just returned from my mailbox with yet another huge pile of JUNK MAIL. Are you as irritated by JUNK MAIL as I am? Honestly, 85% of my mail goes into the recycle bin! It's like getting pecked to death by a duck!  I have utilized every “do not mail” program to stop the catelogs, special just-for-me offers, etc and the JUNK MAIL continues. I may not be able to control the amount of JUNK MAIL I receive but there is one thing I can do…. and here it is

I can ensure TEMCO AIR adheres to the Golden Rule when it comes to JUNK MAIL. We don’t like receiving it, so we don’t send it. Simple as that. For over 10 years Temco has upheld our NO JUNK MAIL philosophy. JUNK MAIL (direct mail, bulk mail…. whatever you call those pesky ads that are mailed to hundreds of thousands of households with hopes that 1% of the recipients will respond to the offer…) wastes paper, postage, and other resources. Temco prefers to spend our resources on providing superior customer service, which results in happy customers who cannot resist telling others about us. That’s marketing the old fashioned way. That’s the Golden Rule. Don’t need postage for THAT, eh?

Cool & fun idea for the kids this summer… with a discount just for YOU

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

My Gym - Children's FitnessMy Gym Children’s Fitness Center is offering summer programs for children between the ages of 6 weeks to 13 years old. Activities include songs, dances, gymnastic and sports skills. With an impressive array of equipment from trampolines and climbers to the amazing zip line, My Gym has it all. Classes are designed to help children develop balance, motor skills and hand-eye coordination in a non-competitive environment. The gym is completely modular and undergoes changes each week in order to offer the children constant new challenges.

Tucson Lifestyle Magazine voted My Gym the “Best Place for a Birthday Party” two years in a row! Plan your birthday parties now.

The first 10 families who call and mention “Temco” will receive a $25 discount toward a birthday party!

My Gym invites you to call us any time and the staff will be happy to help place your child in the right program designed for their age. Check out the web site at to see class schedules and other fantastic offers.

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center
7366 N. Oracle Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85704

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Just Imagine! A campaign for a better Tucson.
NOTE: This grassroots program is still hot off the presses, more details will be provided in the next few months.  The website is still under construction, but the momentum is rolling forward nonetheless. Display your flags, and stay tuned for more information on this Campaign for a better Tucson.